Security & Protection

Are you concerned about your businesses cyber security?
Can you be sure the complete perimeter of your network has optimal security?
Do you have an up to date disaster recovery plan that can be deployed to minimise the impact on your business and your clients?
Are you worried about malicious attacks?
We can help – whether with a Security Health Check or a specific project. Get in touch below.

Internal & External

We can offer your business a new level of control to enable complete security of your IT Networks perimeter – at all points

Whether you want to have better mobile device management and control – right down to remote locking and wiping of devices, automated deployment of applications / updates and device encryption

Perhaps you now need to operate your business on a part BYOD basis – we can provide secure ways of doing this and give you the peace of mind of security in remote working . At the same time we can provide options for Firewall and AV Control of your company owned devices

If you are concerned about your Data Security , Mobility & Access control we can also help – we are experts in providing highly secure access control of Microsoft 365 and optimising the full functionality of this powerful software

Strategy & Standards

Your business may well have and established , published IT Strategy in place or it may well be formed but not formally documented

With the ever increasing needs from your own customers , clients and stakeholders for your business to meet the latest ISO 27001 accreditation with proven , robust quality management systems ; we can assist in assessing and reviewing your current strategy , whatever form it may be in

We can also undertake an unbiased review of your current systems to make sure you are still on the right track – for the future , and to avoid potential onward costly maintenance of outmoded systems

Health Check

We can offer a health check of your businesses current Security and Protection and identify areas of weakness , whilst also offering solutions to make your operations more secure – wherever your employees are operating

Find out how we can secure and protect your business

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