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Evolution of my IT workspace

I’ve just reached my 6th year of working as an independent consultant and having just bought myself a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, I find myself thinking about what has changed in the way I work, and what changes may be to come. In my day to day work I find myself split between working from my home-office and working onsite with clients. Sometimes that’s in an office and sometimes that’s sitting crossed legged on a datacentre floor. Working as an IT consultant gives me a very good excuse to… Read more Evolution of my IT workspace

We do really need to think about security. Properly.

I have just returned from an IT directors forum (conveniently held on a cruise ship) where I had the pleasure of meeting many IT security experts and sharing their thoughts and experience. The frequency, complexity and skills involved in cyber attacks is increasingly exponentially. And, these attacks are becoming more and more targeted i.e. criminals are specifically choosing you, learning about you, then crafting specific methods to steal your data. You need to think carefully about this. The people I spoke to over the last few days talk ‘when’, not… Read more We do really need to think about security. Properly.