Meet the Team

Ben Nichols

Ben jumped straight in to entrepreneurship by founding his first IT business after graduating with a Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Bristol University in 2002.

At 4 years old Ben was let loose on his father’s ICL Model 10 and was programming it by age 5. Ben has had a strong interest in Microsoft software since the days of Windows 98. Since then he has been deeply engrossed in Microsoft products, services, and their evolution.

This strong knowledge base has allowed Ben to develop expertise in complimentary systems including security, datacentre design, networking and storage systems.

Ben formed BN Information Security in 2008 and is now very much focussed on the opportunities presented by the evolving technology of Cloud services.

His keen eye for detail and passion ensures every aspect of a system, project or architecture is carefully considered and deployed to the highest standard.

This enables BN-IS to deliver advanced solutions, in a simple and efficient way that enables their clients businesses to thrive.

Outside of work Ben spends time with his family. He loves to drive and the sound of a V8, but is unfortunately probably a bit past it to still claim to be a DJ or sound engineer anymore (although his PA is still in the garage, 1210’s in the loft, and vinyl collection in his office).

Ben Nichols