About us

BN Information Security is an IT consultancy founded in 2008 by Ben Nichols

Easy to work with

The business has developed and grown a diverse customer base across many different industries, due to Ben’s ethos of providing robust and scalable solutions.  This success has only been possible through the approach of working closely with everyone involved, from technician to board level.

‘We pride ourselves in providing true solutions to IT problems, by listening to and understanding the future growth aspirations of the client.  By doing this, we can ensure the solutions we implement are right for today and for tomorrow’


This proactive approach has ensured an exceptional track record of fault-free transitions, across a broad range of businesses with differing operations.

An evolving relationship

From an initial consultation project, many clients choose to retain BN-IS on an ongoing basis, due to the trust, knowledge and interest ably demonstrated in the client’s business. 

This experience and knowledge is of paramount importance when things go wrong. It’s normal that many BN-IS initial meetings start with a client describing a recent close shave.

The BN-IS team’s ability to act fast, means they can help prevent any more immediate problems and with an eye for the future, make quantitative improvements instantly.

This scenario often becomes the foundation of developing a complete solution analysis, geared to bring technology benefits to the business.

Total solution independence

Solution independence is crucial for building trust and the BN-IS team’s comprehensive experience of a wide range of technologies deployed in different businesses, means they can recommend the best course of action.

By focussing on best practice, BN-IS build solutions which are flexible today and expandable for the future – solutions which can start small and expand as companies succeed and grow.

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