BN Information Security is an IT consultancy based in Bristol, UK. Founded on over 15 years of experience of providing robust and scalable solutions, BN-IS was launched in 2008 as a new venture by company director, Ben Nichols.

We’ll work with you

We pride ourselves in providing true solutions to IT problems by catering for the future growth of the successful businesses we work with. Working with the whole team is crucial. “I can help businesses to understand the implications of their growth plans,” says director Ben Nichols, “and that means working closely with everyone involved, from technician to board level”.

By working alongside established staff and systems, BN-IS are able to learn about the individual needs of the business — and when a change is needed, that knowledge is invaluable. It’s no surprise that BN-IS have a good track-record of fault-free transitions across a wide range of different organisations.

Together, today and tomorrow

We recognise that IT teams often have to focus on delivering the best for today’s business needs whilst constantly trying to look forward at the same time. Whilst letting businesses concentrate on their core competence, a visit from BN-IS can highlight possible future solutions. We can help to roadmap the infrastructure requirements for business objectives, and then help businesses to choose technology solutions to support them.

Experience is most important when things go wrong, and it’s only natural that many of our meetings start with a client describing a recent close shave. Our ability to act fast means we can help prevent any more immediate problems, and with an eye for the future we can often make quantitative improvements instantly. These events act as a foundation for a complete solution analysis geared to bring technology benefits to the business.

Total solution independence

Solution independence is crucial for building trust, and our comprehensive experience of a wide range of technologies means we can offer the most appropriate suggestion for the job in hand.

By focussing on the best-practise advised by our suppliers, we aim to build solutions which are flexible today and expandable for the future. We build solutions which can start small and expand as companies succeed, ensuring a low overall cost of ownership.

See Ben Nichols’ LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bnicholsuk

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